Add a unique, personal touch to your living spaces.

Reclaimed Cube

The art of impressing at first sight


You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Let me ask you this, what do people notice when they walk into your home? Having a unique décor that represents you, even in a limited space, could definitely attract attention. The aesthetics and warmth of wood will welcome you and your guest every time. Moreover, wood has great acoustic properties, one more thing to consider when revamping this room. It’s time to determine what style you want for your entrance.

  • Reclaimed,
  • Beiges and Brown,
  • Entry and Hallway,
  • Modern, Rustic


The champion of versatility


The modern floor solutions of agglomerated cork with recycled rubber are increasingly the option of professional sports venues. Gymnasiums, sports centres and stadiums in various continents are fans of these solutions by Corticeira Amorim, which effectively meet the requirements in terms of elasticity, resilience and durability for this type of venues. Based on these attributes and the credibility of the brand, the Amorim Sports Floor range was recently chosen as the official world floor covering for the Reebok CrossFit chain of gyms, and has been installed in over ten countries where the new Reebok sports model is being implemented.

The natural characteristics of cork, associated with rubber, provide greater resistance, comfort and safety while practising sports or leisure activities. Applied as final flooring, floors with cork cushion the physical impact of the activity, being ideal for running tracks, fitness and aerobic floors, for example. They also provide an excellent performance in ice rinks and under intensive use of heavy loads, thus they are also appropriate for bodybuilding gyms. The wide range available offers the choice of various application solutions and a diversified range of patterns and design options, according to the decorative needs of each client.

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Landscape Arctic

Idea to personalize (and add a little something) to your open storage system

This time of the year, we’re all craving a little change. Why not start by giving your bookcase (or bookshelf) a DIY makeover? First step would be to remove all objects from the shelves and use that clean look to apply the principle “less is more” that makes good design. Use your DIY skills to add a new backing made from adhesive wood planks. You can cut them to size using a miter box with a handsaw to realize your project. Clean using a dry cloth or feather duster, then display your items. Voilà!

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